eBizNET- NetSuite Alliance

eBizNET Solutions is engaged in a strategic partnership with NetSuite, a provider of SaaS ERP solutions. eBizNET is one of the integrated partner solutions which is available on the NetSuite platform and caters exclusively to NetSuite’s customers requiring solutions that optimize and address their warehousing needs. The warehousing functionality of NetSuite ERP will be powered by eBizNET Solutions from January 2011. This partnership between NetSuite and eBizNET was forged to culminate the desire of both companies to be providing SaaS based supply chain execution solutions that provide fitness-for-purpose solutions to SMB companies that view their supply chain performance as a critical business differentiator.

In a high paced market, companies constantly compete to offer better innovation, customer service, and responsiveness, while thriving to channelize resources and investments for higher business growth. Investing in quality IT infrastructure results in enhanced data usage and visibility across the supply chain ecosystem, leading to smarter decisions and delighted customers. eBizNET brings the right blend of quality and investment with its highly scalable, web-based, on-demand Supply Chain Execution solution: eBizNET – SC Suite. The fully integrated suite deployable on a SaaS platform ensures apt investment and focused business growth.

The NetSuite-eBizNET partnership offers clients the advantage of best of breed supply chain execution functionality deployed over a robust NetSuite infrastructure and proven expertise in deploying and supporting SaaS solutions worldwide.

The NetSuite OEMed eBizNET will leverage NetSuite’s comprehensive development artifacts to offer clients seamless supply chain execution functionality, despite being managed separately at the back-end. This is indeed a unique product deployment footprint where the end customer is able to leverage his investments to manage a wider landscape of business functionality bundled into the NetSuite platform. A joint team of NetSuite and eBizNET experts are engaged in crafting this product which is expected to hit the stands during early 2011! Watch this space as the joint marketing NetSuite-eBizNET marketing campaigns reach out to you with our combined vision for path breaking supply chain business execution!