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7Hills provides a cloud based supply chain execution technology platform for fast growing and emerging companies worldwide. It meets all supply chain execution needs involving warehousing, distribution, transportation and service logistics. 7Hills cloud based technology ecosystem delivers intelligent, collaborative, synchronized and affordable supply chain execution solutions even as it integrates seamlessly with all ERP and legacy systems. Grow your business with 7Hills supply chain execution solutions through our unique SaaS based Pay-As-You Grow options...   Read More

Our Solutions

7Hills Warehouse Management System (WMS)

7Hills – WMS is a world class, best-of-breed solution that is highly scalable and flexible so as to match with the dynamically changing and unique business processes capable of catering to multiple combinations of sites and tenants (multi tenant, multi sites on a single instance)...   Read More


7Hills Order Management System (OMS)

7Hills – OMS is the critical business tool for your operations to automate the process of capturing and executing a sales order. The solution helps you provide unsurpassed customer service, efficient and timely order fulfillment, and up-to-date information - with a low TCO...   Read More


7Hills Transportation Management System (TMS)

7Hills – TMS enables selection of shipping services that best suit shippers’ needs and budgets whilst distribution of the shipment. It lets shippers determine efficient routing, taking weight, cube, service, commodity, region, mode, and other factors into account in real time. Load tendering, Contract Management, Certified BOL...   Read More

7Hills Reverse Logistics Management System (RLMS)

7Hills RLMS is a web based application that – from warranty capture to disposal – adds value with comprehensive and automated reverse logistics support across product lines and geographies, from warranty and returns management, visibility and service, and parts management including repair/service chain operations...   Read More


7Hills Port & Cargo Management System & ICD (CTMS)

7Hills – CTMS provides functionality to automate port and terminal operations (vessel scheduling, berth allocation, stevedoring, vessel loading and unloading), inland container depots, container yard operations, freight train operations, container freight station operations, Equipment management, Rate quote system, and logistics billing and costing system...   Read More


7Hills Yard Management System (YMS)

7Hills – YMS has been designed to enable effective and efficient management of yard/dock locations and truck/trailer movements between the gate, dock and yards. From the moment a container/trailer arrives at the gate, through its unloading, storage and potential re-use...   Read More