Aftermarket Parts Distribution and Manufacturing Support

More than any other, Automotive industry manages distinct supply chains processes for its manufacturing and aftermarket operations. Manufacturers are now beginning to rely more and more on just-in-sequence (JIS) operations requiring suppliers to not only ship products in a timely manner, but also to sequence their arrival and part organization according to production assembly line plans for the day or week. Equally complex aftermarket channels continue to expand with the proliferation of parts and assemblies. When these attributes are combined with more responsive service levels to the dealers, some of the most complex fulfillment challenges in the world are created. Both manufacturing and aftermarket operation deal with extreme variations of part size & weight, unmatched by any other industry – create very unique supply chain challenges. And, like so many other industries, globalization has dominated Automotive, with vast quantities of goods crossing borders in all directions - mandating efficient export shipment consolidation and optimized transportation planning synchronized with International Trade Logistics (ITL).

In a single distribution center, an Automotive OEM may manage up to 500,000 distinct SKUs across a diversity of categories including sheet metal, bin parts, molding, glass, high value security, hazardous material and more. On any given day, a large OEM site might ship 10,000’s of rush order lines in a matter of hours, rivaled in volume only by a few of the largest large DTC operations. Efficiency and workforce management are of paramount importance and the use of Engineering Labor Standards is the desired norm. eBizNET understands these challenges and has engineered solutions that can withstand (and exceed) the rigorous demands of this industry .

Unique Value to Automotive Industry:

  • Efficient ASN receipt and breakdown according to put-away zone
  • Optimized directed put-away
  • Optimized bin storage utilization
  • Support to track inventory & containers
  • Pick wave planning & optimization
  • Multi-order optimized picking fulfillment
  • Multi-strategy fulfillment to manage profile variations of stock orders, daily orders, and rush orders/IVOs
  • Material handling system integration include carousels, AGVs, ASRS, & sorting systems
  • Route/stop consolidation marshaling & staging
  • Proof of delivery tracking
  • Serial number management & tracking
  • Workforce management Engineering Labor Standards
  • Yard Management

The Automotive supply chain has many participants, from mega-sized OEM companies, to tier 1, 2, 3 suppliers, to small co-located 3PLs supporting just-in-sequence operations. Our solutions provide support to each of these participants, on-demand, to help you move toward the unique value SCM 2.0. Along with our software, eBizNET maintains a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel who have deployed supply chain solutions across all tiers of the automotive business.