Food & Beverage

Promoting Safety & Freshness Across the Food Supply

Not a day goes by when food safety is not mentioned in the headlines. Whether you are manufacturing, distributing, or retailing in the Food & Beverage industry, your focus on safety must now be unwavering. The integrity of global and local sourced products, bio-engineered products, lot traceability and use by date controls have begun to make the Food & Beverage supply chain begin to look a bit like a pharmaceutical supply chain. On top of this, consumers are demanding improved freshness and vast choice – as these attributes have become key discriminators across the industry. Of course, such added value rarely translates into higher margin, hence, the industry is faced with creating a high integrity supply chain without cutting into already low margins on the products. To do this will require high integrity supply chain solutions, something eBizNET has mastered over the years.

With vast experience in Pharmaceutical, we have taken the foundations of these controls and applied them to high volume, high throughput business practices of the Food & Beverage industry. Whether you are a grower, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, you can feel confident that eBizNET on-demand solutions will meet your current and future needs of this changing business.

Unique Value to Food & Beverage Supply Chain:

  • Use-by date management (FEFO) including shipping & receiving window controls
  • Catch weight controls
  • Cross docking for fresh produce operations
  • Load and Lot level status tracking
  • Recall management
  • Pallet building by weight fulfillment
  • Workforce Management supporting Engineering Labor Standards
  • Yard Management

eBizNET staff has deployed solutions for retail grocery chains, restaurant distributors, major food manufacturers, global beverage brands (and bottlers) and even 'mom & pop' corner shops. This experience will help you get up-and-running in days, not months, so that you can begin to improve the traceability and control or your supply chain – starting now!