High Technology & Telecommunications

Unique Assembly Postponement & Traceability

The Technology industries faces complex challenges in a highly competitive, cost-sensitive, and ever-changing marketplace. Global sourcing & manufacturing, customized assembly and rapid personalization, security of high value commodities, promotional launch synchronization, and serialization & tracking are just a few of the highly demanding attributes associated with this industry. Globalization and management of added-value content by country has become critical for efficient tax treatment and streamlined customs processing. In addition, few other industry supply chains deal with the volume and complexity of the ‘return and repair’ operation as technology industries – driving the need to integrate customer service across every status change in such an operation.

eBizNET has been providing support to these industries for over a decade, with some of our first customers running operations in Asia Pacific manufacturing plants and distribution centers – controlling the flow and movement of goods throughout the entire supply chain directly to their retail outlets. eBizNET inherently manages a multi-level bill of material, substitution, value-added inspection and assembly (and disassembly) processes, serial number management & tracking, and activity based billing (for profit center management). eBizNET can also manage a bonded operation and has been integrated with many International Trade & Logistics (ITL) applications to expedite customs, duty management, and cross border transfer of materials.

Unique Value to High Technology & Telecommunication:

  • Integrated value added services processing
  • Integrated assembly/disassembly control
  • Multi-Level Bill of Material (BOM) with substitution
  • Multi-level Serial Number management & tracking
  • International carrier manifesting
  • Return & Repair operations
  • Activity Based Billing
  • Cargo & Terminal Management

Having a powerful software solution to facilitate these processes is essential, but nothing replaces the value of what experience in this industry brings. At eBizNET, our team has deployed solutions for semiconductor, telecommunications, computer, and consumer electronics manufacturers across the globe. Using our Software-Enabled-Services (SES) methodology, this team will help you gain the most value possible out of your implementation.