From Demand Synchronization to Store Delivery

The retail industry is experiencing a logistics transformation, migrating from a traditional "push" methodology (pushing inventory into the store from the manufacturer), to a "pull" or "demand-driven" methodology (pulling inventory based on consumer demand). This shift affects all aspects of the supply chain changing business processes, order profiles, service levels and costs. Those ignoring this shift face unresponsive networks cutting deep into the product margins. However, rewards await those embracing this shift with low network inventories, reduced shelf stock outs, higher fill rates, higher retail customer loyalty and improved supplier relations.

The key to this transition is "demand synchronization“ – a collaborative effort between the retailer and suppliers to manage inventory levels commensurate with store demand and to maintain a supply chain that can rapidly respond to changes in demand. eBizNET SCM 2.0 approach is the perfect strategy for the retail supply chain, employing technologies that facilitate real-time exchange of information. The inherent flexibility and configurability of distribution and transportation solutions in eBizNET allows the retail distribution center to adapt quickly to changing order profiles and store distributions. Whether you are running a cross dock/put-to-store distribution operation or a replenishment center, eBizNET provides you the tools make your operation responsive to a "demand-driven" world.

Unique Value to Retail Supply Chain:

  • Managing style-color-size attributes
  • Cross docking & put-to-store operations
  • Garment on hanger
  • Value added services for price ticketing & labeling
  • Value added services for re-packaging
  • Pre-packing (kitting) and assortment composition
  • Integrated MHE interfaces for sorting, weighing, labeling & packaging
  • Yard management
  • Carton-level UCC 128 tracking
  • UPC support
  • RFID EPC support
  • Integrated reverse logistics

eBizNET has extensive experience with retail, retail supply, and direct-to-consumer operations across the globe and has a dedicated team of experienced professionals available to help customers start-up efficiently and provide ongoing services as part of our Software-Enabled-Services (SES).