Analyst Reports

Independent research is key to accurately understanding and assessing the value of solutions and concepts across our industry. Leading groups such as Aberdeen Group, ARC Advisory Group, AMR Research, and Gartner Group publish insightful articles and in-depth reports assessing the capabilities of our industry's solution providers. Listed below are few key reports:

Supply Chain Intelligence
The report focuses specifically on enablement of supply chain processes by pervasive, rule based and advanced BI technologies, i.e. the technologies that are embedded into the specific supply chain processes and can provide immediate intelligence to the process owners.
Supply Chain Visibility Excellence
The report focuses on critical elements of logistics network as the core component of the integrated demand-supply networks. But before a company can reduce pipeline inventory or landed cost, it needs visibility into them. Improving supply chain visibility is a key strategic imperative that has been, and is growing in importance in managing the multi-enterprise supply chain.
Warehouse Management Excellence
Operating expenses are a main concern on the minds of today’s supply chain managers, pushing them to improve their warehouse operations by increasing agility, visibility and labor efficiency. What will separate best-in-class warehouses from their peers – beyond simple adoption of available technologies – will be their ability to harness a greater degree of functionality from existing applications and to use it to improve visibility into internal processes and collaboration with partners outside the four walls of the warehouse.
The On-Demand Warehouse: WMS for the Future?
“…smaller operations are well-positioned to benefit from vendors’ on-demand warehouse offerings. In addition, large enterprises that need lower-cost solutions to manage stocking locations at stores or satellite facilities are saying that they are intrigued by the quick implementation, minimal IT resource requirements, and central visibility they might gain from an on-demand solution.” – Aberdeen Group
The Warehouse Benchmark Report
“Companies are looking for more agility and visibility capabilities in their new WMSs. On-demand WMS solutions and service-oriented architectures are opening up new opportunities to harness the power of warehouse management software while mini-mizing IT integration and implementation challenges.” – Aberdeen Group
On-Demand Applications in Supply Chain: Enable Flexible Business Processes
On-Demand Applications in Supply Chain: Enable Flexible Business Processes “…users of on-demand applications are on average three times more likely to have better process capabilities in the areas of logistics and supply chain collaboration.” – Aberdeen Group