Innovating Supply Chain Management (SCM) 2.0

Who Will Benefit?

SCM 2.0 facilitates deployment and synchronization of new enterprise services in hours and days, not months and years – delivering immediate value to the organization and your trading partners. Whether you are trying to improve inventory accuracy, offer new valued-added services, optimize shipment routing, enhance workforce efficiency, or simply synchronize billing with activities, eBizNET Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment combined with our agile web service-based features of the fit perfectly into the SCM 2.0 ecosystem.

So why is a "2.0” relevant to you? Simple - "2.0" approaches move us away from a “one-way” static world of exchange and toward an interactive multi-participant ecosystem allowing continuous and relevant feedback and refinement of ideas – an ecosystem that is perfectly suited for realizing more value from your enterprise supply chain. With the ease of adding an interactive map, news feed, or blog to your personal web page, you can now add supply chain capabilities to your enterprise with eBizNet on-demand services – allowing you to sell better, ship faster, and improve customer service all at reduced cost.

Organizations who wish to increase their level of responsiveness to unique and demanding customer requests will benefit substantially from the eBizNET SCM 2.0 approach.