Innovating Supply Chain Management (SCM) 2.0

Why is SCM 2.0 Important?

Supply chain solution infrastructures have become unwieldy, inflexible, and unresponsive, due in part to the use of dated, legacy technology, monolithic software application development, and custom developed point-to-point interfaces.

  • Today’s large enterprise faces substantial challenges to quickly harness the value of industry innovations while, at the same time, maintaining the mission-critical foundations of their backbone solutions.
  • Today’s smaller enterprises, who must stay ever lean and agile to be competitive, cannot afford to spend millions over an extended period of time just to keep up, which in today’s competitive world, will not suffice.

These challenges dramatically impact your total cost of ownership (TCO), return on investment (ROI) and capital expenditure rate.

SCM 2.0 helps address these challenges, offering innovative software and services which are easily accessible on-demand to the larger company’s supply chain, while also providing a wide range of agile, on-demand core backbone capabilities for the smaller enterprise needs.

In fact, many businesses, large and small, begin to derive value from the eBizNET SCM 2.0 componentized services days after an engagement begins, improving the planning, execution, and overall management of their inventory, facilities, and workforce while also enhancing their ability to effortlessly collaborate with their customers and suppliers.