Pay as you GROW

Keep your capital in your business

As a fast growing company ourselves, we understand critical decision - making companies face for optimum utilization of capital. Different facets of business compete for the scarce resources. Every dollar invested in personnel is a dollar that could go into facilities, or marketing promotions, or equipment.

Investing in a robust IT infrastructure is essential for a growing business. Like never before, the systems you put in place can be the real differentiator. The availability of data, the ability to pass it along your supply chain ecosystems, and to use it to make smarter decisions are major factors in distinguishing best of breed companies. Quality systems attract quality customers, thus playing a vital role in your success.

eBizNET eases that investment decision-making for you. By offering a variety of pricing options, we give companies the ability to acquire those quality systems that form the stepping stone for desired business growth. Our eBizNET solution is a fully integrated suite of solutions, including WMS, TMS, RLM, among other modules, all of which can be deployed On- Premise or as a SaaS platform.

eBizNET offers subscription pricing that allows you to keep the capital in your pocket or to use it for something else. Our subscription pricing options are user or transaction based, so, literally you only “Pay as you Grow!” We want our customers to be comfortable with their investment. Payment model can be customized if required as well.


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