Enhance Your Capabilities with Software-enabled Services

Software Enabled Services (SES) provided by eBizNET enable the customers to leverage their SC software platform to improve operations performance and enhance revenue flow. With SES, customers can outsource IT activities and non-core business processes. SES is useful where in-house resources or skill sets are limited, unavailable or more expensive. For a small monthly fee or transaction fee, the eBizNET resources can supplement the customer’s staff to perform value-added tasks such as:

  • Monitor velocity storage schemes and identify opportunities to re-warehouse
  • Perform Cost and Billing analysis
  • Remote Billing, Invoicing and Customer Support
  • Maintain SKU and Location databases
  • Analyze warehouse performance and identify issues
  • Monitor and maintain system and network performance

Without an option like SES, most customers fail to fully use functionality in their supply chain solutions that will improve performance, reduce costs or generate revenue. With SES, eBizNET resources help customers extend the use of the software suite.