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7Hills Warehouse Management System (WMS)

7Hills – WMS is a world class, best-of-breed solution that is highly scalable and flexible so as to match with the dynamically changing and unique business processes capable of catering to multiple combinations of sites and tenants (multi tenant, multi sites on a single instance). eBizNET – WMS extends beyond the traditional WMS boundaries, offering inventory management and visibility from procurement to consumption and provides Tier 1 functionality with On-Demand convenience and intuitive ease-of-use, typically not associated with most Tier 1 solutions in the market today.

The solution features and supports solutions that cater to industry requirements including:

  • Minimizing operating expenses
  • Customers' need for faster order turn-around times
  • Supporting increased sales without increasing staffing or space
  • Increased demand / supply fluctuations
  • Proliferation of SKUs, sizes, packaging
  • Increased complexity and fragmentation of supply chains with innovative
  • Practices to enable advanced planning and execution capabilities

The solution addresses industry need for warehousing best practices like wireless receiving, directed put-away, order planning and fulfillment, replenishment, task interleaving, rules driven location allocation, picking, putaways, shipping, consolidation and inventory control. Deployable over the web on an On-Demand (SaaS) or On-Premise on dedicated on shared infrastructure, eBizNET – WMS is fully capable of simultaneously managing multiple companies with multiple warehouses located in several locations; eBizNET – WMS also allows easy collaboration with suppliers/vendors, customers, C&F agents and other trading partners using the latest electronic commerce standards.

7Hills WMS provides a host of value added features as below:

  • Task Interleaving, LP Labeling, Multi-DC View, Audit trails & EDI Capability
  • Kitting (Kit-to-stock & Kit-to-order) & De Kitting
  • System rule driven Space allocation for putaways
  • Inventory allocation, Hold and reservation
  • Inventory creation and Adjustment
  • Built in custom report writer
  • Automated data capturing
  • RF based real time transaction status update
  • FIFO / FEFO based picking and putaways
  • Lot/ batch control / Serial no. and attribute based tracking
  • Configurable event based Alerts through emails and SMS
  • KPI, Management Dashboard reports


  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs, lower TCO, faster ROI
  • Better decision making through – Dashboards, Reports and Real-time Information
  • Seamless integration with host ERP/legacy systems
  • Optimum resource utilization (Operations team at WH, MHEs, space)
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Reduced Lead Time & Travel time
  • Reduced damage/shrinkage
  • Easy to implement and maintain
  • Shorter Order receipt to dispatch time line at WH
  • Global visibility of accurate and reliable inventory status for each SKU at each location
  • Visibility of the space utilized and available space at WH
  • Eliminate human error in material handling and data capturing