Distribution Solutions

7Hills Yard Management System (YMS)

7Hills – YMS has been designed to enable effective and efficient management of yard/dock locations and truck/trailer movements between the gate, dock and yards. From the moment a container/trailer arrives at the gate, through its unloading, storage and potential re-use, the solution provides the tools to track this process effortlessly and sure that demurrage charges are minimized or eliminated.

7Hills – YMS presents an opportunity to do transactions ‘online’, while providing a global view of inventory (containers and shipment details within containers), sales & receivables and slot status at the yard. A unique feature of this system is that it allows offline operation in batch mode as well as online for real-time, keeping in mind the bandwidth availability and cost.

Value added features:

  • User friendly GUI
  • Console Designer to design the yard layouts
  • Trailer/Container/movement between gate, yard and dock locations through easy drag & drop
  • Mouse over the container/trailer images to see complete status and associated shipment details
  • Color codified alerts to indicate the associated pending tasks for each trailer/container
  • System rule driven execution of yard operations
  • Virtual graphical view of the yard, dock and gate location for available and occupied slots


  • Automated System driven process: eliminates the chances of human error
  • Improved Delivery Management: improves the delivery because of reduced cycle time, higher throughput, increased efficiency and real-time information
  • Reduced yard operations costs: faster put-away and pick process time, optimum utilization of the yard space area, lower stock carrying costs, higher productivity and lower operating costs
  • Better Supply Chain Integration: It provides global visibility of stock, sales and receivables, along and across the sales, supply chain and logistics network
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: enables Efficient Customer Response (ECR) and Quick Response (QR) because of high level of availability and fewer stock-outs
  • Increased sales and profits: enables more dispatches in a day resulting in faster deliveries and higher sales and therefore faster ROI