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7Hills Global Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Offering

Today’s businesses rely substantially on their supply chains to deliver them their competitive edge. Increasingly, supply chain execution excellence differentiates successful organizations from the rest. Having complete control over the supply chain enables organizations create sustainable value for their customers. At 7Hills, we built a product that addresses your every perceivable supply chain execution need, catering to the entire spectrum of Supply Chain operations from goods entry at port to the point of consumption and subsequent dispatch of value added goods across trans-continental gateways. The 7Hills Suite address the end-to-end supply chain footprint of operations requirements including:

With the 7Hills integrated Supply Chain Suite you can be sure orders are accurate, improve delivery execution and maximize your labor resources. The suite allows you to link every process in your supply chain and enables complete inter-entity collaboration and visibility across every echelon of the supply chain.

Built on a robust and scalable software technology platform that is most contemporary and future proof, the 7Hills Supply Chain Suite can be operated through On-Premise, SaaS or Hybrid models of deployment. Its ease of deployment rolled into a multi-tenant cloud deployment infrastructure makes 7Hills a solution of choice for catering to supply chain execution needs of every client, including Small & Medium Businesses with an effective and viable technology solution.