eBizNET Port & Cargo Management Software & ICD

eBizNET – CTMS provides functionality to automate port and terminal operations (vessel scheduling, berth allocation, stevedoring, vessel loading and unloading), inland container depots, container yard operations, freight train operations, container freight station operations, Equipment management, Rate quote system, and logistics billing and costing system. The solution is a web based application that provides a single window for the port operators and its trading partners to have global visibility and precision in the operations. eBizNET – CTMS is RFID technology enabled to prepare operators for the eventual use of active or passive tags to track, manage numerous container movements and process containerized cargo across the terminal.

Value added features:

  • Multi-site, Multi-company capability
  • Highly configurable and adapts to all cargo mixes
  • Registration of trading agents (Shipping Agents) with the port to create unique identification
  • Payment facility allows its stakeholders to make payments for the various services offered at port through banks and e-payment options
  • Provides integration with Ports system, railways, payment gateways, customs, material handling equipment and devices, and other host IT systems across the supply chain community
  • Capable of data exchange with external systems using standard EDI formats, including XML, flat file, csv, txt and can very well upload and download data in XL format
  • Administrators create roles for users, thereby improving data security (for data entry and output), and preventing unauthorized access to modules and screens


  • Provide accessibility and transparency at each level of shipment transactions
  • Track and minimize irregularities and discrepancies throughout the process
  • Reports on key performance parameters like TAT, per berthing time and average stay at berth, and many more configurable KPIs to enhance management decision making process
  • Improves and high yield shipments with improved load factors
  • Reduces processing tasks and cost of operations